60 Minutes Teases Story About How Texas Has ‘Aggressively Challenged’ Biden’s Border Authority – Twitchy

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“60 Minutes” is promoting a segment of the show tomorrow night and if the following is any indication, it’s pretty clear how the situation is going to be framed: 

The story could be much simpler: Texas has been forced to do the federal government’s job because of Biden’s dereliction of duty at the border. 

That’s the angle “60 Minutes” should be taking but making it that simple an honest won’t be in the “journalism” cards.

We can’t help but wonder how much heavy lifting they’re going to do on behalf of Biden (in addition to getting rid of Catherine Herridge, one of the few actual journalists in the industry).


What are the odds that their story contains reminders that Biden urged people to “immediately surge to the border” and then lifted Trump’s EOs in order to make it easier to get into the country illegally?

It’s really that simple, not that “60 Minutes” won’t make it a lot more complicated.


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