Amazon Prime Video Secures Deal with Sony Pictures – Stream, Targeting Indian Users


Amazon Prime Video has secured a distribution deal with Sony Pictures Television to launch a dedicated stream service in India.

The new service is known as Sony Pictures – Stream, and it will be available on Prime Video channels. It will support the vast range of entertainment options offered by Sony including blockbuster movies, classic films, and popular TV shows accessible on Prime Video Channels.

The new service will be available to Prime Video members as an annual add-on subscription service. The price for this service has been set at an introductory offer price of ₹399 annually.

Making Content More Accessible

Prime Video members that pay for the add-on subscription to Sony Pictures –Stream will also access a wide range of multi-genre content offerings. The content that users will get access to includes blockbusters, dramas, comedies, thrillers, and classics, among others.

The head of Prime Video Channels in India, Vivek Srivastava, opined that the launch of this service exclusively targeted customers in India. The partnership with Sony will make the latter’s content library accessible in India on a single platform. Given the extensive reach of Prime Video Channels, Sony’s content library will be open to more people.

The executive also noted that Prime Video Channels were now the perfect platform for global brands to access streaming services and studios. The channels would make content available to a larger audience in India, and according to Srivastava, this offer was in sync with Prime Video’s philosophy of giving customers more choice, access, and convenience.

“We have worked towards offering a wide variety of content, making it all available at a single destination – Prime Video,” Srivastava said.

We are sure that with its vast and diverse library Sony Pictures – Stream will offer something for everyone, delighting Prime members with their favorite movies and series.

Sony is also thrilled with this partnership, which comes at a crucial time when traditional entertainment firms are struggling to keep up with the growing popularity of streaming platforms.

The Vice President of Sony Pictures at South East Asia, Sonika Bhasin, opined that the company was excited about the working relationship with Prime Video. The platform was targeting audiences in India to give them access to the broad content offerings by Sony including award-winning films and television series.

The launch of this streaming service also comes at a time when the entertainment giant is celebrating the 100th anniversary of Columbia Pictures, which is a subsidiary of Sony Pictures Entertainment.

The streaming platform demonstrates the rich history of the studio and the film legacy that customers are getting to access films from the offerings of the studio.

Prime Video Is Fighting Competition

Competition in the streaming industry has intensified in recent years. Netflix is still dominating the industry, with its recent quarterly earnings showing a significant increase in user numbers. Other streaming platforms like Prime Video, are also taking bold steps to improve their competitiveness.

Prime Video joined other streamers such as Disney, Netflix, and Peacock to run ads on the platform. Ads went live on Prime Video on January 29. Unlike Netflix which launched a new lower-priced tier for users, Prime Video released ads for all users, with those not wanting to view ads having to pay an extra $2.99 per month on top of their subscription.

Amazon promised users that it would show fewer ads compared to linear TV and other streaming service platforms. The company is also exploring the option of persuading Prime Video viewers to shop on its e-commerce platform through ads aired on their televisions.

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