Amidst Backlash, Google Introduces Gemini AI To Messages 

Google has recently announced that it will add its Gemini AI tool to the messaging app after it recently introduced Gemini AI to more countries. This means that along with your contacts, you’ll also be able to chat with the AI chatbot. Simply put, it’ll be a lot like a mix of Snapchat’s AI bot and ChatGPT.

For now, only those users who have Android devices and are part of Google’s beta program will be able to use Gemini AI on Google messages.

You can use the chatbot to discuss ideas about plans and events or share your personal feelings. If you need help writing a text for someone, Gemini can help you by creating a draft. You can even seek advice from the bot but please remember that it won’t be a replacement for expert advice.

Supported smartphone models include Samsung Galaxy S22, Samsung Z’s Flip and Fold models, and Pixel handsets. Also, you have to be above 18 to use it.

Android itself is going through a lot of updates right now. For instance, Android Auto can now easily summarize long texts and chats and suggest replies to the same. So for instance, if you are working or driving, you can use this feature to quickly get back to the sender.

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The Controversy Surrounding Google Gemini AI

This update comes amidst the growing controversy around Gemini AI. Only last week, the company was forced to take parts of the tool offline because it was generating culturally and historically inaccurate images.

The problem came to light when a few users shared their experience with the tool. For instance, when asked to generate the image of America’s founding fathers, it created an image of women and people of color.

In another incident, when prompted to show pictures of Nazi soldiers, Gemini showed Asian people in Nazi uniforms. This provoked both the left and right-wing communities, and understandably so.

Google Immediately apologized for the mistake and paused the text-to-image generation tool, saying that the tool was designed to be racially unbiased but in this case, it “missed the mark”.

Google CEO, Sundar Pichai, also addressed this controversy in a memo, where he acknowledged that instances like those mentioned above are unacceptable and that Google got it wrong. He also assured the stakeholders that Google would find out what went wrong and fix it. But it’s surprising that they haven’t already fixed it.

Considering all this, whether Google Gemini is ready to chat with users and offer them ideas and advice remains a big question.

However, some experts believe that Google has totally turned the game in its favor with the new Gemini Advanced model. So far, it’s the only model that uses a native multimodal generative AI model in the industry which makes it capable of doing every task with more accuracy.

If they can make this technology available to businesses and individuals, it will completely change the industry, making Google one of the frontrunners in the AI race.

We’re committed to giving everyone direct access to Google AI and, as of this week, every Gemini user across our supported countries and languages has access to Google’s best family of AI models. To better reflect this commitment, we’ve renamed Bard to Gemini.Google Blog

Google certainly has big plans for Gemini. The app is currently supported across 230 countries and 40+ languages. Soon, it’ll also be integrated with other Google apps like YouTube, Gmail, and Maps to act as a virtual “helper”.

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