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There’s been a lot of news over the past few days, with the report from Special Counsel Robert Hur and Joe Biden’s disastrous reaction to that. 

But I didn’t want to miss something important that White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said twice this week, as Biden’s deficiencies hit critical mass. 

KJP was asked about some of those crazy moments from Biden. First, she was asked what would she say to Americans after they saw clips of him talking about how he spoke to Francois Mitterand and Helmut Kohl in 2021 at a G7, when they had been dead for years. 

Whoever told her to give this answer should be fired. They were probably better just trying to avoid it, although that’s incredibly insulting to the American public. But this answer is bad.

Jean Pierre claims that this was “not uncommon”  for others in public service to misspeak about names, when she was asked about the American people seeing Biden referencing talking with people who were long dead. 

Yes, it is uncommon. Most people know Mitterand is not Emmanuel Macron. Most people know Helmut Kohl isn’t Angela Merkel. Except apparently for Joe Biden. Yes, everyone misspeaks, but this is not just misspeaking, this is continual confusion. 

She then went on to spew what a success his administration has been. But the problem for them is the American people don’t see it that way, because they can see past the spew and to reality, the reality of having to pay more for everything, the reality of Biden involving us in wars that weren’t there before and fumbling things on ongoing conflicts. A lot of that is bad policy. We probably wouldn’t know even how much is due to his incoherence and questionable mental issues. 

Jean-Pierre then tried this tactic again when it came to Biden being confused during his “I’m just fine” presser, calling the leader of Egypt the president of Mexico. 

Um, saying that he’s “gaffed names his entire career” is not exactly the flex she thinks it is. Saying he’s always been a mess is not a defense. But what she says isn’t even true, it’s not just ‘gaffing names” and that’s why it’s concerning people. It’s being completely confused about what he is saying. You don’t say you just took a picture with a person who isn’t there and then realize she wasn’t there. Forgetting when you were VP is a bit of a problem. 


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Moreover, what a low bar this administration is setting if her defense is Biden has always been a mess. Why should anyone vote for that? 

Reporters asked if Biden would take a mental competency test. 

Her response was a non-response saying she’s not a medical doctor. Of course, no offer for him to take a mental competency test. 

Fox’s Peter Doocy asked her the question I think we all have: given what the Special Counsel has said about Biden’s mental state, who is helping him run the country? Because no one thinks Joe is able to at this point. 

Now, you wouldn’t expect her to tell the truth here. But she did get snippy, “The President of the United States runs the country, the Commander in Chief runs the country.” 

Some people had thoughts about that response and this encapsulated a lot of that thought. 

KJP exited the room, not answering the inquiry about hearing from Biden’s doctor. 

The bottom line? Whether it’s an impaired Biden or unelected people behind the scenes, it’s a mess and this situation is endangering the nation. 


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