Early Bitcoin Advocate Encourages Investors To Buy SHIB

Early Bitcoin Advocate Encourages Investors To Buy SHIB e1712010942598.webp

A prominent Bitcoin advocate since 2011, Davinci Jeremie, has shown confidence in the second-largest meme coin, Shiba Inu. In a recent post on X, Jeremie encouraged crypto investors to include SHIB in their investment plans. 

The advice could be linked to the recent impressive performance of SHIB price and the advancement of Shiba Inu’s ecosystem.

BTC Advocate Confirms SHIB As A Profitable Investment Option

Jeremie gave the investment advice on March 31 in response to a crypto enthusiast. In a previous post, the crypto fan and X user @milad70022602 had requested Jeremie’s investment guidance.

The X user wanted to know if buying Shiba Inu could be profitable in a long-term venture. So, while responding to the question, Jeremie was positive that an investment in SHIB is considerable.

Notably, the entire trend started with a reference to 2013 when Jeremie advocated strongly for Bitcoin investment. Bitcoin Magazine started the conversion with a video tagged ‘Flashback’ recorded in 2013. 

The video revealed Jeremie’s dedication to the primary crypto asset and his call to the public to invest in BTC.

Also, in the video, Jeremie encouraged investors not to miss out on Bitcoin, even if it meant buying just $1 worth of the token. 

According to him, everyone must have at least $1 worth of BTC locked up. Also, he mentioned that such an investment move would be excessively rewarding after many years.

Jeremie encouraged the investment choice on May 9, 2013, when BTC’s peak price was $114. But after a decade and a few months, the price of Bitcoin has climbed above the $70,000 threshold.

If investors had heeded Jeremie’s advice by investing $1 in Bitcoin in 2013 and holding the investment until the current date, the value would have reached $613.

Similarly, an investment of up to $1,000 in Bitcoin during the period would yield about 8.77 BTC coins currently worth $614,000 based on the present crypto market prices.

Bitcoin Advocate Defends His Endorsement For SHIB And Others

Notably, some people within the crypto community criticized Jeremie’s investment advice. They challenged his selection of crypto assets for promotion.

But the Bitcoin advocate stood strongly on his choices, stating: “Back in the day, people hated me for shilling Bitcoin, calling it a scam! Don’t miss it again.”

Meanwhile, this is the first time Jeremie has called investors to choose Shiba Inu. He gave similar advice in 2023 when asked about the best altcoin for potential investment.

During Jeremie’s endorsement of SHIB, the meme coin’s price was about $0.0000079. 

Assuming an investor heeded the call and acquired about $10,000 worth of Shiba Inu, his investment would be valued at $36,708 at current market prices. This translates to over $26,000 in profits within five months.

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