Fans Share ‘Mean Girls’ Movie Reactions On Social Media

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Warning: This post contains spoilers for “Mean Girls.”

Tina Fey’s latest addition to the “Mean Girls” universe has officially hit theaters, and fans are buzzing.

A new musical version of the 2004 original film was released Jan. 12, following Cady Heron’s (Angourie Rice) move from Africa to the Chicago suburbs, where she attempts to navigate the grim world of high school.

Conceiving a plan with artsy friends Janis (Auli’i Cravalho) and Damian (Jaquel Spivey) to take down ultimate high school mean girl Regina George (Reneé Rapp), Cady joins the so-called Plastics friend group, but winds up too attached.

In the new film, which the cast and creators have said resembles a “long music video,” Janis and Damian act as pseudo-narrators. Similar to the Broadway version, the two will occasionally break the fourth wall and address the audience.

Along with the film’s release came thoughts from a loyal “Mean Girls” audience.

Rapp can collect all her flowers for her portrayal of Regina, whom she also played on Broadway, as the internet applauded her portrayal in the film.

One person shared four photos on X, formerly known as Twitter, of Rapp playing Regina, writing, “reneé rapp is the perfect regina george let’s talk about it.”

The praise for Rapp’s performance didn’t stop there. Sharing a gif of Rapp singing “Someone Gets Hurt,” someone wrote, “this entire scene was everything!”

Another wrote, “The new #MeanGirls movie was campy, it was colorful, it was unapologetically queer. I was aware of a lot of the Broadway songs due to tiktok, but listening to them fully, the whole cast ATE. To Renee Rapp, the woman you are, I walked in bisexual, I walked out 10000% more gay.”

Another shared a gif of Damien in the film, writing, “the way i cracked up when damian was singing the iCarly theme song in french. the subtitles were sitting right there on the screen but my brain did not fully process it until he got to the end of the song.”

Others shared photo compilations of Avantika, who plays Karen, one of the Plastics. On X, one person wrote, “Avantika is gonna be the scene stealer. She’s hilarious as Karen.”

Continuing the love on X, one person wrote, “As a die-hard for the original film and the musical, I can safely say #MeanGirls does both justice! It stands on its own without trying to be its predecessors, but staying true to the original story. So much to love, specifically the cast and their chemistry with one another.”

Some weren’t so pleased with the remake, though.

One person wrote, “it hurts my heart i didn’t love #MeanGirls the way i hoped to,” adding a scathing review of Rice’s portrayal of Cady. “how you lead a musical without the ability to sing on key, or act is beyond me…”

Another person explained that they didn’t understand why the musical was primarily pop songs, writing, “im actually agreeing with the people who were whining over the new mean girls movie being a musical because i don’t like BAD musicals.”

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