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It’s time to return to the Nine Realms once again. “God of War Ragnarök”one of 2022’s best gamesreceived a patch on April 5, 2023 adding a New Game+ mode, along with several new outfits, enchantments and more. The update can be downloaded on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 for free. 

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How do I get the New Game+ update?

The update will install automatically on your PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5 console for those that own the game and have installed it. “God of War Ragnarök” can be purchased physically from Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, and PlayStation Direct. You can also purchase a bundle including a PlayStation 5 disc console along with a digital code for the game from places like Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, and PlayStation Direct

$70 at Amazon

What is New Game+?

New Game+ allows you to replay “God of War Ragnarök” from the start, with all of your abilities and armor unlocked (barring a couple weapons locked behind story). Accordingly, the level cap has also been raised for both Kratos and enemies to give you more of a challenge; endgame bosses will also have a few newer moves, and at higher difficulties will receive additional armor. This also means that your stats can be pushed even higher than before, and higher tiers of skills can be unlocked as well.

You can start New Game+ as soon as you finish the game. 

Are there new outfits?

For those disappointed that the fur armor Kratos sports on both the box art and at the beginning of the game can’t be worn throughout, worry no longer. New Game+ runs will begin with the Armor of the Black Bear equipped already; it provides a focus on Strength and Defense, as well as a perk that shoots Bifröst shards on a last-second dodge. 

There’s also sets harkening back to the original PlayStation 2 games, with the Spartan Armor providing a more unique twist: no perks, no stats and no upgrades for those who seek an even bigger and better challenge. Meanwhile, favorites from 2018’s “God of War” return in the form of the Ares Armor, which drops health upon hits, and the Zeus Armor, which increases damage dealt and damage received. The former can be bought normally while the latter unlocks from beating the optional Gná boss.

What else is offered?

A new Black and White render mode will be available, as well as the option to skip cinematics one has already seen. Additionally, the sparring arena has been updated to allow more enemy types, and new enchantments have been added that can provide negative buffs for a larger challenge. There are also more armor color options and the ability to swap perks between sets.

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