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Indkal Technologies to expand into personal audio space with own brand | News Fission

Bengaluru-based Indkal Technologies, the official licensing partner of US-based power tools and home appliances BLACK+DECKER and Acer, will enter the personal audio space with its own label.

While the personal audio market is highly competitive and price-sensitive, it remains an area where brand dominance has not been firmly established, noted Anand Dubey, CEO and founder.

“Our objective is to offer a diverse range of products to cater to the needs of every customer. This strategic approach is crucial for establishing our presence in higher-priced product categories.”

For this segment, it has lined up over 10 product launches in the next six weeks, with the initial ones scheduled for the end of this month. Indkal aims to establish a foothold in this segment before it becomes saturated and expects its product-focused approach to make a significant impact. 

Their go-to-market strategy involves distribution through general trade and e-commerce platforms. Dubey mentioned, “Our products will be available on popular platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart, and other e-commerce channels.”

While specific price points were not disclosed by the CEO, he hinted that they would likely span from entry-level to mid-level pricing. Moreover, the company has also earmarked ₹250 crore worth of R&D investment across different product segments for the next three years, the CEO told businessline.

Currently, Indkal Technologies offers three product lines for both Acer and BLACK+DECKER, with a strong focus on televisions and large appliances. Dubey noted the substantial opportunity in the Indian market, given the significant gaps in both the electronics and appliances sectors. It did business worth ₹350 crore last year, which was also its first full year of business.

The company collaborates with approximately six contract manufacturers to produce its various product lines and has no plans to venture into manufacturing itself.

Further, for future growth, the company plans to expand its distribution network, which is not yet exhaustive. This expansion will be a primary driver of growth for at least the next 18 months, especially with the introduction of new product categories such as refrigerators and others scheduled for early next year.

Indkal Technologies, which specialises in the development, distribution, and support of consumer electronics, large and small home appliances, and smart devices, was launched in 2021.

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