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The prominent chip manufacturing company Intel has commenced high-volume production with extreme ultraviolet (EUV) lithography machines. The move occurred at Intel’s $18.5 billion site in Ireland, marking a “landmark” for the company. Moreover, Intel sees the new achievement as a step to take over its rivals in the industry.

Intel 4 Process Tech Transition to High-Volume Production in Ireland

According to a report from Reuters, Intel announced the move into mass production with EUV on Friday, September 29. The firm noted that its new production moves in Ireland mark the first high-volume manufacturing via EUV technology.

Theoretically, the EUV tools offer high precision that could hit someone’s thumb with a laser pointer from the moon. According to Intel, the tools will enhance its operations to reach five generations of technology within four years.

Before now, Intel was ranked as the leading chip manufacturing firm but has lost it to Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company. However, the US-based tech firm plans to regain its position using the new production technology aided by EUV tools.

Intel’s general manager of technology development, Ann Kelleher, reacted to the new feat. Kelleher stated: “This is a landmark for Intel and the semiconductor industry as a whole.”

The general manager cited the impact of the transition of Intel 4-node technology into high-volume production in Ireland. Kelleher noted the process as a great step in launching leading-edge manufacturing tech in Europe.

The plant, known as Fab 34, is the newest Intel manufacturing facility in Ireland, located in Leixlip. Fab 34 is the first high-volume production site for Intel 4, which uses EUV. 

With the advanced manufacturing technology, Intel plans to showcase its coming chips for laptops called “Meteor Lake,” which will precede AI PCs. Intel mentioned spending about $18.5 billion upgrading its Irish facility, Fab 34, within the past few years. 

The company noted that Intel 4 would improve its performance per watt by up to 20% more than productions with Intel 7. With EUV tools on Intel 4, the production technology could define chip features in smaller amounts with high precision.

More Details on Intel’s Research of its Production Processes

Intel concluded its new production processes at a research and development site in Oregon. After concluding that the process was authentic, the firm transferred the manufacturing template to worldwide production sites, including Ireland and Arizona.

The EUV machines are worth about $150 million each and are produced by Dutch manufacturer ASML as big buses. Following the opening of its Irish Fab 34, Intel aims to set up a huge chip complex in  Germany. Also, its expansion plans include building a semiconductor assembly and test facility in Poland. 

The new sites will benefit from the EU’s flexible funding rules and subsidies since Intel is set to become independent from supplies from the US and Asia.

Additionally, Intel revealed that the three facilities are expected to lay out a leading-edge advanced semiconductor manufacturing value chain in Europe. Most importantly, they would create more employment opportunities.

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