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Forward-looking: Apple’s upcoming iPhone 16 Pro series smartphones are expected to be its largest models to date, eclipsing the 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch displays on the existing iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max. Multiple sources have told MacRumors that the new Pro iPhones will ship with larger displays measuring roughly 6.3 inches and 6.85 inches diagonally. The increase will result in phones that are slightly taller, wider, and heavier than their existing siblings.

The iPhone 16 Pro Max, for example, is said to measure 163.0 mm tall, 77.58 mm wide, and weigh 225 grams. For comparison, the iPhone 15 Pro Max measures 159.9 mm in height, is 76.70 mm wide, and tips the scales at 221 grams.

The changes aren’t substantial but in the premium smartphone market where real estate is already at a premium, even the slightest difference is noticeable. It is also worth mentioning that the new phones are not gaining any thickness, and will still measure 8.25 mm in depth.

What does this mean for consumers? Apple could use the extra space behind the larger display to squeeze in a higher capacity battery or make other quality of life improvements. Annoyingly, iPhone 15 Pro / Pro Max cases won’t fit the 16 Pro family so case users will need to shell out more money for properly fitting protection.

The publication believes the larger screen sizes will be exclusive to the Pro line later this year, and won’t trickle down to the standard iPhone and iPhone Plus until the iPhone 17 arrives in late 2025. When that does happen, the entire iPhone lineup will adopt a taller aspect ratio of 19:6:9.

The next wave of Pro-grade iPhones are also expected to ship with Apple’s latest A18 Pro chip and could support Wi-Fi 7 as well as faster 5G connectivity. We may also finally see the introduction of solid-state buttons, a feature that was originally pegged for the iPhone 15 Pro before technical issues reportedly got in the way.

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