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One does not have to be a fan of her popular “Harry Potter” book series to know that author J.K. Rowling is not a woman with whom one should trifle.

As we’ve noted before, she has taken an intense amount of hate from the woke left in recent years for the crime of coming out in support of women who have like her have faced cancellation attempts for stating some inconvenient truths about the biology of men versus women.

Rowling has endured public shaming efforts and death threats as well. And at one point, left-wing wacktivists actually published photos of her home, with her address included, on social media in a clear (and dangerous) attempt at intimidating her into silence.

Despite all that, she’s said she would be willing to go to prison in defense of her position should it become a crime to speak out on the issue.

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But as is always the case with the activist left, they relish in taking things too far to try and bring attention to their so-called cause, which is what one critic of Rowling’s did in pulling one of her adult children into the debate by suggesting they had a strained relationship over Rowling’s views on the transgender issue.

The Twitter account “Wizarding News,” a member of the alphabet mafia judging by all the letters in their Twitter bio, bills itself without evidence as an alleged “Award-winning news service est. 2002 as @HPANA to cover Harry Potter, now reporting on the demise of JK Rowling’s legacy.”

The whole purpose of the account, which is allegedly run by “webmaster” and self-professed “gay nerd” Jeff Guillaume, appears to be to harass, mock, and whip up hate over Rowling because she refuses to be silenced. And because Rowling continues to stand firm, her family members have become targets.

On their Twitter feed, Wizarding News recently made a series of false claims about Rowling’s eldest daughter, and even included a picture that they said was the daughter and granddaughter… but wasn’t. 

Rowling repeatedly urged them to take down the information, noting they were now harming people to whom she had “no connection.” When the Twitter account refused, she said she was bringing in the lawyers:

In her most recent tweet (as of this writing) Rowling took the gloves off:

.@wizardingnews I’ve done everything I can to keep my children out of the public eye. My eldest daughter doesn’t owe you or anyone else details of her private life. However, for the avoidance of doubt:

1. Contrary to your claims, we are very close and last talked an hour ago. We discussed your posts, which have angered and distressed her.

2. Contrary to your claims, she doesn’t live in Portugal.

3. Contrary to your claims, she has no children.

4. The young mother whose photograph and personal details you published is not my daughter and has no relation to me whatsoever.

You’ve published easily disproven and damaging falsehoods. Should we go to legal proceedings, you will need to show why, in spite of being told the truth, you neither retracted nor apologised. In the absence of any such retraction and apology, the next communication you receive will be from my lawyer.

Between that, and the account getting ratioed, Wizarding News is now saying they will remove the tweets – but of course is still claiming to be the true victim, while blaming Rowling for the smear tactics they tried to use against her (thread):

We are unreservedly sorry… to JK Rowling’s eldest daughter… for understandably mixing her up with a VERY coincidentally named person found in multiple published online articles & biographies identifying her as such, and extrapolating & sharing inaccurate details therefrom.

Guess you could say we were following JKR’s example: “researching” something & then immediately regurgitating it, [in our case unintentionally] spreading what some consider to be harmful falsehoods about others… which is what Rowling does to LGBTQ+ people daily.

We’ll be cleaning up some of the tweets she found objectionable at our earliest convenience, but this is our final word and apology on this matter.

JK Rowling is the problem, not her family, and we shall be better focused going forward.

Even with that, the deranged account is retweeting other accounts that have information she’s insinuating prove her original claims about Rowling’s daughter.

People like this are undeniably unhinged and desperate for attention, and they sometimes get it. But contrary to the popular myth, not all attention is good attention, and Wizarding News just FAFO’d.

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