Kamala Harris roasted for claiming The White House is helping small businesses – twitchy.com | News Fission

Sometimes the tone-deaf approach this administration takes surprises even us.

Here we are yet again, though. The number two *snickers* person in charge of the country says one thing while the policies she and her boss espouse do the opposite.

Please, ma’am, tell us exactly how this is a true statement.

If average Americans can see it, why can’t they?

What if we told you they see it all just fine?

Anyone … anyone …? Buehler?

RIGHT?! We saw this all through the previous administration. The government took its foot off the neck of business and our economy roared back to life in ways we hadn’t seen since Reagan.

Easy, killer. This administration considers it a win when they appear in public with their shoes on the right feet, er, um, correct feet. *PHEW* Leftist rage mob avoided!

Oh, they are, and they do. We hear there is a secret handshake and everything.

We keep asking, they aren’t answering.

How dare you! This administration is the most popular in American history.

If you don’t believe us just ask Kamala, she’ll tell ya!

Divide, deny, distract, and lie. It’s been the political mantra since the dawn of politics and there has been no administration better at it than this one in history. The question remains how long will we continue to allow them to openly lie to us?


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