Lauren Boebert Axed From TX Youth Summit After “Beetlejuice’ | News Fission


Rootin’ tootin’ Lauren Boebert has stumbled into many self-owns over the past few years. Yet none of those slip-ups compare to raging about drag queens supposedly corrupting children and then groping a Democrat Bar Guy in the middle of a family-friendly BeetleJuice Broadway production. That combination might actually do Boebert real damage in the 2024 elections, perhaps because being caught on video lying about the vaping and other antics is unintentional stunt-queen behavior, unlike her usual variety.

The Buell Theater’s most recently released surveillance footage already ruined Boebert’s speaker gig for the Texas Youth Summit, which is happening at The Woodlands on Sept 29-30. As Meidas Touch first noted, Boebert has suddenly been scrubbed from the agenda, even after the summit kept her on the schedule through much of last week.

Meidas Touch also posted several screenshots of Boebert on the event’s promotional posters. All of a sudden, the summit’s website has seamlessly removed her from all graphics relating to the summit. Don’t worry, though, Don Jr and Kimberly Guilfoyle will still be on hand to make some MAGA magic happen.

Yet it seems that the on-camera groping in front of families, along with refusing to stop vaping in front of a pregnant woman, could put Boebert in some sort of conservative exile. The congresswoman did briefly strike a contrite tone over the weekend while admitting to “[falling] short of my values” during an evening “as a private citizen.” She also mentioned her “public and difficult divorce,” but we’ll have to wait and see whether that brings some sympathy for her. Or whether Adam Frisch can finally take that red-leaning Colorado district that he nearly won in 2022.

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