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Crime is so out of control in Memphis that police chief CJ Davis doesn’t think the Army can save the day.

OutKick readers know the situation in Memphis is far past bad. It’s downright appalling, and a stain on the entire country that criminals seem to run roughshod in a major American.

Below are a few recent examples of the carnage and chaos:

Crime is out of control in Memphis.

The situation is so bad that Davis doesn’t even think sending in the troops can get the job done at this point.

“I don’t care if we have the entire United States Army here in the city of Memphis. If we continue to see the same individuals committing crimes, you know, arresting our way out of this isn’t possible,” Davis told Action News 5 when talking about the chaos unfolding and repeat offenders.

You know things are bad when the police chief doesn’t think the Army – the greatest in world history – can fix the issue.

Listen to her comments below, and send me your reactions to David.Hookstead@outkick.com.

The city is being destroyed.

For the record, sending in the troops might be an actual option on the table. State Senator Brent Taylor has floated that his constituents want the National Guard sent in and he’s asked Governor Bill Lee for state resources.

As you can tell by Davis’ comments, she doesn’t seem too happy about people not sitting behind bars for extended periods of time, but that’s only part of the issue.

You can only go to prison AFTER a crime is committed. There is clearly zero deterrence in Memphis, and crime is rampant. Of course, it’s not a problem exclusive to Memphis. Washington D.C. is so bad that homicides are surging and Secret Service is shooting at carjackers.

There’s something broken in this country, and it seemingly is only getting worse.

Can Memphis be fixed? (Photo by Brad Vest/Getty Images)

Having said that, I highly-doubt criminals in Memphis want any part of the United States military. They squashed ISIS like a bug and the Army has the best shooters – Delta Force – in the history of the world. It would be a joke if they actually had to go toe-to-toe. I’m not advocating for that, but the idea the Army would crush gangs is laughable. It’d be over by dinnertime.

What should Memphis do to save the city? Give me your thoughts at David.Hookstead@outkick.com.

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