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Slowly, but surely, Mercedes-Benz is building electric versions of all of its different cars — and it looks like a smaller electric G-Wagon may be coming up soon. Mercedes first announced an all-electric EQG in 2021, but even before the car is officially available to buy, the company is already planning a baby one too, affectionately dubbed the “Little G.”

There’s still a lot we don’t know about the smaller electric G-Wagon. Here, however, is everything we do know so far.


Design is a huge part of what makes a G-Wagon a G-Wagon. Because of that, it’s almost certainly something that Mercedes won’t compromise on.

But the smaller electric G-Wagon will almost certainly be unique. Mercedes CEO Ola Kallenius said that the car would be designed “from scratch,” condensing what makes the G-Wagon so popular into a smaller package.


It should still offer the same iconic angular, boxy shape as other G-Wagons, while coming in a smaller body that will theoretically be a little zippier around a corner. We’ll have to wait and see exactly how much smaller it is, though. Based on the sole teaser we have of the car, it will still offer the classic boot-mounted spare wheel.

Interior and tech

While Mercedes-Benz has released plenty of images of the exterior of the concept version of the larger G-Wagon, there have been no interior images to be seen.

It is, however, expected that Mercedes will at least partially continue the rugged look of the exterior of the car into the interior. It will likely also incorporate some aspects of other modern electric Mercedes cars, like a larger infotainment display that will hopefully support CarPlay and Android Auto.


There’s nothing we know about the performance of the smaller electric G-Wagon, but we can speculate. The car will almost certainly offer all-wheel drive, though it’s currently unknown if that will involve a dual- or quad-motor setup. If it’s anything like the larger electric G-Wagon, it will have a body-on-frame build with an independent front suspension. Hopefully, it eill have a combined output of at least 400 horsepower or so.

Concept image of the larger electric G-Wagon

Range is a big question mark. Given the fact that this car won’t be released until at least 2026 or so, we’re hoping that it’ll have at least 300 miles of range. We’ll have to wait and see, though.

Price and release date

Another question mark is price. Much of the reporting around this car has focused on it being a smaller and cheaper version of the full-size electric G-Wagon. However, in teasing the car, Mercedes said nothing about price. It’s likely that it’ll be cheaper given the fact that it is smaller, but anything about pricing has yet to be revealed.

Release date also has yet to be revealed. We’re expecting the full-size electric G-Wagon to be released as a 2025 model year, and it’s unlikely that the smaller version will be released until at least a year or two later. That would peg it as a 2026 or 2027 model year.

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