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There’s a hot take in the New York Times about politicians (and certain media figures) who “lie about nonsense.”

When you think about politicians who “lie about nonsense” who is one of the first people who comes to mind? There are few who “lie about nonsense” in an extreme sense more than Joe Biden, but the New York Post’s Miranda Devine noticed that the president didn’t even deserve to be singled out by name: 

An entire article about toxic liars in politics with no mention of this guy?

The op-ed begins “all politicians lie,” which perhaps was intended to cover people like Biden, but if anybody deserved to be singled out for his toxic dishonesty, it’s the current president.

A Democrat even made the list but everybody knows why:

No mention of Adam Schiff either? We’re not surprised.

There’s nothing wrong with having a laugh at the expense of these liars, especially when the lies are so absurd. Any parent who’s snickered when their child told an epic whopper understands this impulse, but we don’t let our children off the hook when they do it. It’s worth mustering up a little more outrage for the adult liars who’ve been elected to office and are custodians of their constituents’ welfare — and, when applicable, grounding them from public life.


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If anybody fits that bill it’s Joe Biden. Instead, ironically, he’ll probably get the vote of the author of the article. 


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