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Wonders will never cease—”Saturday Night Live” actually devoted their cold-open skit to mocking Joe Biden’s age and apparent confusion. I have been heavily critical of SNL in the past because they had become a one-sided propaganda machine for the Democrat party and rarely wrote anything funny anymore. Remember Kate McKinnon mournfully singing Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” after Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 election? Funny ha ha. 

SNL Was Once Great. Rob Schneider Remembers the Day It Died

Remember in April when there was much fanfare because the show hired its first nonbinary cast member, who promptly came out and started yelling about transgender rights for kids? I wrote at the time that it “was about as fun as hitting yourself over the head with a mallet.”

Now I’m not going to claim that this Biden skit is hysterical because it’s not, but I got some chuckles out of it, and I thought Mikey Day’s impersonation of the bumbling president was pretty good. He especially nails the Biden shuffle—that stiff, robotic way in which he walks. Take a look:

In the clip, the president is busy decorating the Oval Office for Halloween. “I’m not out of breath,” he says, clearly breathless, “I’m just excited because Halloween is the greatest holiday in the world.” He continued:

Here’s the bottom line. [The] world is a pretty scary place right now; war, shootings, climate change, everything, and the new Britney [Spears] book. 

It’s why I want to put everyone at ease and nothing puts people at ease like an 80-year-old man hanging Halloween decorations.

He then shuffles over to the ladder to hang up a bat decoration and gingerly starts to climb the rungs. I thought maybe they’d go into Chevy Chase territory here, where the funnyman would play former president Gerald Ford and trip and fall repeatedly. Those skits were the stuff of comedy legend and helped put SNL on the map back in the day:

“Biden” didn’t fall in the new skit, but it was still amusing to watch him realize he had no business being on a ladder and wasn’t physically capable of reaching over to hang up the bat. 

Later, he picked up a severed, bloody arm and realized it wasn’t a Halloween decoration at all. “Oh shoot, oh no,” he said. “That’s not a decoration, that’s an arm our dog Commander ripped off a Secret Service agent.” As we’ve reported, two of Biden’s dogs have had a nasty habit of biting people in the White House:

First Dog Puts His Teeth Into the Job, Has Now Chalked up 12 ‘Biting Incidents’

There were some other funny moments in the seven-minute plus skit, including when an actor playing incoming House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) showed up and said, “Anyway, I’m now second-in-line to replace you, so I’m excited to see more of this whole ladder thing.” 

Christopher Walken drifts in at the end, and things just get weird from that point on, but Walken is always fun to watch. 

SNL has taken little pokes and jabs at Biden in the past, but mostly they’ve seemed to pretend he just doesn’t exist. They could also be having a field day with Vice President Kamala Harris, meanwhile, but I don’t know of any viral spoofs of her that were top-notch. 

It’s a sign of where we’re at with this president that even SNL is mocking his age. After airing a seemingly endless loop of unfunny, savage skits against former President Donald Trump during his tenure in office, it’s nice to see them at least try to have more of an even hand.

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