Star Wars Jedi: Survivor players are losing their pre-order and deluxe edition items | News Fission

EA says it is investigating an issue in which Star Wars Jedi: Survivor players are losing their pre-order and deluxe edition items.

After players took to Reddit and the game’s support website to report the issue, publisher EA responded to confirm that it was “aware of the reports” and was “investigating the issue”.

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In the meantime, whilst the bug is investigated and hopefully resolved, EA provides guidelines on how players can try to troubleshoot the problem and restore their items – check out the support page for the full details.

According to some players on Reddit, even when items are restored they sometimes disappear again (thanks, Videogamer) and whilst the EA support response intimates that the problem may affect all platforms, it seems to primarily affect players on Xbox.

At the time of writing, the support ticket is still open, but we’ll let you know as and when EA updates us on the issue.

A Star Wars Jedi: Survivor player is warning others of a “major game-breaking bug” that can prevent progress, whilst other players have encountered another irritating bug – and this one steals your XP.

As Star Wars Jedi: Survivor continues to rack up negative reviews on Steam for its PC performance issues, EA released a statement to purchasers saying it was “aware [the game] isn’t performing to our standards” and insisting it’s “committed to fixing these issues”. Then last week, the publisher started releasing the first of its many promised post-launch patches for Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

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