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Alongside the various rings in Lords of the Fallen, pendants are your other passive charm item that grants your character some unique and useful buffs. Pendants are far more rare than rings but are generally more potent as well. When paired together, though, that’s when you can really start to make some interesting and powerful builds. Before you can start mixing and matching all these buffs, you need to find the pendants that will serve you. After all, a pendant that increases fire damage won’t help you if you’re a traditional sword and board-type player. To help you cut down on the hunt in the ruthless world of Lords of the Fallen, here are the best pendants to collect.

Best pendants

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Whereas you are arbitrarily limited to just two ring slots in Lords of the Fallen, you are equally restricted to a single pendant instead of simply draping all of them around your character’s neck. There are 22 pendants in all to find, but these are the cream of the crop.

Shuja Harmony Hoop

Spellcasters are not the most popular builds in souls-like games, but can be some of the most powerful if you’re willing to learn them. Even if you only use spells occasionally, this Shuja Harmony Hoop can make them a key part of your build. After you cast any spell the next spell you cast will deal increased damage for a short time, stacking for each subsequent spell you fire off. The effect is even greater if you swap between spells from different magic types. If you can stack the effect, even weaker spells can eventually deal substantial damage.

Scornful Effigy

How confident are you? If you are a master at dodges and parries and love living on the edge with a glass-cannon build, then the Scornful Effigiy is perfect for you. This pendant will drop your maximum HP, but buff your damage in return. Aside from being great for confident players, this is also a fantastic pendant for ranged builds too.

Relic of Perpetuation

Basically, the exact opposite of the last pendant, the Relic of Perpetuation is just a simple buff to your maximum HP. This is going to be more of a crutch pendant if you’re finding a particular section or boss just a slight bit too challenging and need an extra hit or two to overcome but it isn’t one you should be using the entire game

Princess’ Sting

Your equip load in Lords of the Fallen primarily determines how quickly you move and what type of role you have. Most players will tend to opt for light or medium-level equip loads, and if you go for a light build, the Princess’ Sting pendant should be an easy pick. So long as you have a light load, this pendant will make all your attacks deal additional damage. Just make sure you don’t go too high or the effect won’t trigger.

Paladin’s Pendant

Finally, for some raw stats you can just equip and forget about, the Paladin’s Pendant will give your character a buff to both strength and endurance. It goes without saying, but this is meant for strength builds, and is the best one to wear for those characters.

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