Trump posts $91M bond in E. Jean Carroll defamation case while appealing judgment


NEW YORK — Donald Trump on Friday secured a bond for more than $91 million to cover the judgment in writer E. Jean Carroll’s defamation case while he appeals.

A document was posted in federal court memorializing Trump’s agreement with Chubb, the insurance giant that underwrote the bond to cover the $83.3 million in damages that a jury awarded to Carroll whom Trump defamed in 2019 when he was in office. The jury determined the award in January.

The bond still has to be approved by the judge overseeing the case, U.S. District Court Judge Lewis A. Kaplan. Once it’s signed by the judge, the bond will prohibit Carroll’s attorneys from collecting from Trump while the appeal process plays out.

It was not clear from court records what collateral Trump presented to obtain the bond from Chubb.

The former president and likely 2024 Republican nominee to challenge President Biden had until Monday to guarantee payment of an $83.3 million judgment to Carroll, whom he defamed after she accused him of long-ago sexual assault. Trump also filed a notice saying he will appeal the judgment against him.

Carroll has sued Trump twice in connection with a forced sexual encounter in the mid-1990s and disparaging comments he made about her. Trump adamantly denies any encounter.

Trump has already posted more than $5 million in cash with the court from a separate lawsuit Carroll brought for sexual assault and defamation. He is also on the hook for securing a bond for more than $450 million in the New York attorney general’s civil business fraud case.

The bond document establishes a deal Trump made with Federal Insurance Company, which is a direct subsidiary of the international insurance behemoth Chubb, with global headquarters in Switzerland. The company offers a wide variety of insurance and bonds.

A Chubb spokesman declined to comment.

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