Vivek Ramaswamy Goes SCORCHED EARTH on Media in Thread, Demands They Apologize for Smearing Our Military – Twitchy

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Vivek Ramaswamy has been busy wiping the floor with the media over the past week or so. Whether he’s slamming some WaPo reporter for insisting he address the dangers of white supremacy or he’s making an NBC reporter cry on the inside when he refuses to support her BS woke propaganda, the guy has truly been making a name for himself.

We know we know, we’ve not always been the most supportive of Vivek, but even we can admit when we’ve been wrong.

Full disclosure, we’re really enjoying the show. 


Vivek is now demanding the mainstream media apologize for accusing our military of white supremacy and extremism. 

From the rest of his somewhat lengthy tweet:

In fact, the Biden administration commissioned a report that found extremism was nonexistent and then shamefully buried it by releasing it on the day after Christmas. I’m calling on the following news organizations to retract and apologize for their smears of American service members as white supremacists. @nbcnews @axios @bostonglobe @vice

And then he dropped some receipts:



They should be ashamed of themselves. We all know they won’t be though and there will be zero apologies or attempts at making any of this right. 

And sadly, they have been for a long time.


We will say this for him, he is definitely getting his name and face out there while making fools of the media.




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