Wait, WHAT!? Rob Reiner’s way of saving ‘democracy’ doesn’t sound very democratic – Twitchy | News Fission

At this point you hear it every day: If Trump (or any Republican for that matter) were to win the 2024 election, it would be the end of “democracy.” The country is finished — kaput

How might American “democracy” survive? Rob Reiner has the solution: 

Got that? 

“For democracy to survive we must ensure the Democrat candidate has no opponent.” 

Did Reiner bother to sit back before posting that tweet and wonder if it made any sense? Of course not!

Reiner has a different definition of “democracy” than the non-TDS afflicted.

Ah, “democracy”!


Reiner thinks Biden’s doing such a great job that voters shouldn’t have any other options. That’s “Bidenomics”!

That meme sums it up perfectly.



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