Well well WELL, what do we have HERE?! Bob Menendez wife BOMBSHELL drops and it’s a doozy – Twitchy | News Fission

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Is it just this editor or does it seem like Democrats get away with EVERYTHING? We could totally be biased since we are very openly right-leaning however it’s probably safe to say if this had been a Republican’s girlfriend/wife we’d STILL be hearing about it.

And it wouldn’t have just gone away legally either.

Miranda Devine reports … 

Incredible is one word for it.

And not in a good way.

… can be heard saying he came to the scene as ‘a favor’ to a friend.


Which friend?

Like husband like wife?



Just heartbreaking.

Because you can. Because you know you won’t be held accountable. 

Until you are.

What a horrible story … think it’s safe to say things are just getting worse for Bob Menendez.



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